Asset Management, REO Solutions, Owner Representation

Asset Management and REO Solutions

The Peak Corporate Network entities offer a full-range of asset management services from initial occupancy check to final sale, on-line auction, bulk sales and advisory consultation as well as over twenty years of experience in the disposition of REO and non-performing assets.

With a true lender/servicer perspective, we understand our clients’ needs and we work with them to develop the best liquidation strategy possible.

Our team is highly-versed in all aspects of an REO transaction.  With the goal of maximizing lender recovery, we will liquidate lender-owned properties at the highest and best price, in the shortest amount of time, with the least liability for our clients.  We are experienced in complete residential and commercial REO transactions with expertise in all facets of the transaction from pre-foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, cash for keys, marketing, financing solutions and closing.

Our Services include:

  • Asset Valuation/Management
    –Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
    –Occupancy Checks
    –Property Inspection & Condition Reports
    –Cash for Keys
    –Commercial Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)
    –Owner Representation Services
  • Legal Services Assistance
    –Occupant Negotiations (Cash for Keys)
    –Agreement Modifications
  • Property Preservation
    –Property Management
    –Securing & Re-Keying
    –Utilities Transfer
    –Remodeling, Maintenance, Repairs Management and Winterization (as needed)
    –Complete Remodeling Services for Missing Items
  • Updates and Accounting
  • Closing and Settlement Coordination
  • California SB 1137 Service
  • Regional Bulk Sales
  • Specialized Residential and Commercial Brokerage Services
  • Regional Direct Sales
  • Note Sales
  • Commercial Real Estate Workouts
  • Non-Performing Notes and REO Acquisitions
  • Construction Completion
    (Outright acquisition or as a lender service)


Owner Representation

The Peak Corporate Network entities provide owner representation services to meet the needs of developers, real estate owners and financial institutions looking to salvage under-performing developments of any size, including:

  • New luxury Homes and/or Condominiums
  • Developments
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail

As an experienced advisor, our strategy is simple – we bring all the pieces and parties together and manage the process to a successful project exit. Our vast knowledge and strong management capabilities enable us to provide market-driven solutions to maximize our clients’ return.


Our Services include:

  • Creating a Hybrid Team: Sales & Marketing and a Top Local Broker
  • Overseeing the Sales and Marketing Strategy to Ensure Accountability and Deal Closing
  • Creating Exchange Programs for Buyers
  • Attracting Buyers and Tenants to the Property, Converting and Closing
  • Participating in Negotiations when Needed
  • Showcasing “Lifestyle,” Amenities and Location
  • Developing “Lease” Programs for Select Tenants (Additional Revenue Source)
  • Developing Creative Financing Solutions for Buyers and Owners
  • Leveraging Relationships and Attracting New Business Partners

We are able to attract new buyers and tenants from local, national and international sources.