Short Sale Services

In a short sale, the Peak Corporate Network entities act on behalf of the property owner, negotiating with the lender to be paid an agreed upon amount while divesting the property owner of his or her home without the long-term negative ramifications of foreclosure.

Our lender negotiation skills also provide a much needed solution for real estate agents as we will facilitate the short sale process thereby enabling agents to concentrate on what they do best – obtaining listings and selling property.

Our Services include:

  • Assisting Home Owners in Minimizing Debt Obligations
  • Protecting Home Owner Credit from Further Degradation
  • Avoiding the Expense and Long Process Associated with Foreclosure
  • Mediating Among the Lender, the Realtor and the Property Owner
  • Obtaining Lender Approval for a Short Sale or Other Creative Solutions
  • Expediting the Process to a Successful Resolution in Compliance with all State and Federal Laws and Mandates