Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc.

The Peak Corporate Network’s comprehensive array of real estate services is delivered by a group of related, separate legal entities. Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc. is one of those entities. It functions as a trustee providing a wide range of default servicing solutions to meet the needs of a diverse clientele that includes servicers, sub-servicers, banks and private investors. Managing clients’ assets from a servicer’s perspective, Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc. ensures cost-efficient and expedient processing.

Services delivered through Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc. include:

  • Foreclosure/Trustee services

This entity provides foreclosure services in all 50 states with in-house processing in: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. Its web-based MDS Foreclosure System allows 24/7 access to file status and documents, and with little more than a completed Declaration of Default and a copy of the original Deed of Trust, Asset Foreclosure Services, Inc./ Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc. can start the foreclosure process and guarantee processing of a new referral within 24 hours of receipt.

In addition to foreclosure services, Peak Foreclosure Services, Inc. offers:

  • Alternative Solutions for Loss Mitigation including Forbearance and Deed-In-Lieu
  • Senior Lien Monitoring and Bid at Sale
  • Payoff and Reinstatement
  • Post-Sale REO
  • REO Escrow