5 Ways Real Estate Professionals Should Be Using Facebook Live


Just when you think you have your social media strategy down, something changes to throw things out of whack. While some of these changes can seem tiresome and pointless, the move to live streaming on Facebook actually provides unique benefits to real estate professionals, letting you show off your skills and personality while imparting useful advice.

The best part? Live streaming is a really cost-effective way up your content marketing game. All you need is your phone and a game plan to make things happen. To learn more insider tips from the top real estate school in Los Angeles, visit the Peak Real Estate Academy today.

1. Give Tutorials

People love to watch real estate makeover shows! Live Facebook streaming lets you satisfy their craving to your advantage. Show your viewers how to stage a home or prep the exterior for maximum curb appeal. Introduce them to your home inspector and let them go into detail about what goes into preparing for an inspection. Live streaming tutorials establish your authority while at the same time giving your viewers a behind the scenes look at the industry.

2. Conduct Q & As

Like tutorials, Q & A sessions show the viewer that you are a real estate expert, and with this format you also get an opportunity to show off your people skills. You might set up a Q & A about finding a home in a tight seller’s market with prospective buyers at an open house or question a lending officer about the best ways first-time buyers can qualify for a loan.

3. Showcase Your Listings

Using Facebook live streaming to reveal tantalizing glimpses of new or exclusive listings lets you create anticipation before the property hits the market. You can further the suspense by making a whole series of live streaming events about a single exclusive property as you approach the open house.

4. Establish Your Brand

What better way to solidify your image than to appear live before prospective clients? Use quick status updates to show the world your values, interests, and work ethic in a way that is far more real and immediate than your profile or head shot.

Are you doing the Whole30 Challenge? Give a status update while ordering a salad at a bistro near your new listing. Give updates while dropping your kids off at school or leaving the gym. Over time, viewers who respond positively to the kind of person you are will naturally be inclined to work with you as a real estate professional.

5. Sell the Neighborhood

Live stream as you get a cappuccino from a local coffee shop or pick up flowers for this Sunday’s open house. Prospective buyers get to see for themselves the best features of the neighborhood to which they are planning to move. Is walkability a plus? Show clients just how easy it is to run errands close to their new home. You can visit dog parks, area schools, homes with the most bodacious Christmas light displays — the sky’s the limit.

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