Benefits of Bundling a Policy


Most insurance companies encourage current and potential customers to bundle multiple insurance policies together. The reason: potentially huge savings, sometimes up to 25% depending on the insurance carrier. There are multiple bundles to consider, including home, auto (especially if you have more than one vehicle), boat/RV, life and renter’s insurance.

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Other Advantages

While saving money is always a great motivator, there are other advantages to bundling policies. It will give you the opportunity to get very familiar with just one provider. And, even better, you may have to pay only one deductible on a claim that would otherwise include more than one carrier. There are some carriers that have a single deductible requirement.

What does this mean? For example, let’s say your home and car were damaged by a severe storm (wind, trees down, hail, etc.). In this example, there was $5000 in damage to your home and your car suffers $1,500. With some policies, you may have to pay your $1000 home policy deductible, as well as say your $500 car insurance deductible. Had you bundled, some carriers would have allowed you to only pay the $1000 deductible to get the needed repairs started.

It is important to really study your policy should you choose to bundle. Don’t just look for a lower bottom line, but make sure you are still getting the coverage you need, while still paying less. Providers like to bundle because it is typically seen as good customer service and provides longevity to their client base.

In a 2012 J.D. Power & Associates study, results showed that customers were substantially happier when they purchased both home and auto insurance from the same provider. The study also found that customers who bundled policies were much more likely to stay with that insurance provider long-term. Specifically, the study found that 46% of bundle customers said they would “definitely” renew with their current provider, while only 28% of non-bundle policy holders indicated they would renew.

Customized Coverage

There are a variety of bundling options available, and you can get quick quotes for a variety of coverage options with Grand Mutual Insurance.

Home: As a full-service real estate company, you can find comprehensive coverage for a variety of property types and affordable price points.
Auto: You need protection when you are out on the road. Grand Mutual provides policies for a variety of vehicles with comprehensive coverage.
Life: Choose from several plans from the nation’s most respected life insurance providers so you can protect your most important asset — your family.
Health: Look no further for affordable quotes for health and dental insurance for you and your family.
Commercial: As a full-service real estate company, Grand Mutual Insurance can offer comprehensive commercial coverage for companies of various sizes. You can get the same level of service for your business that you have with your family.

Homeowners Insurance Services

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