Creative Open House Ideas


When preparing for your first open house, it can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, creating a unique open house experience for potential buyers can and should be fun! Utilizing several creative open house ideas will ensure your guests enjoy themselves and will encourage them to purchase the home. For more tips from Peak Real Estate Academy, learn how enrolling in the top real estate school in Los Angeles can benefit you.

Create A Unique Theme

Instead of going with a generic open house, why not create a theme for the event? It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Consider devising a specific theme that helps showcase the home in the best light. For instance, if the home has a gorgeous pool and backyard, perhaps an “outdoor oasis” theme is appropriate. Otherwise, you might consider collaborating with local shops or brands to do a “pop up shop” at the property and build excitement around the event.

Simple Comfort Food

Speaking of collaborations, why not team up with a local restaurant or cafe to cater your open house? Put some thought into what you serve and avoid just throwing a cheap food tray together. What kind of home are you showing? Does it have an island/beach vibe or more of a cozy cabin feel? If it’s an island vibes home, you might want to serve a tropical juice, fruit, or Hawaiian BBQ. If it’s cozier, then maybe tomato bisque and grilled cheese are in order. You can also select your choices depending on time of year. Seasonal picks like holiday cookies and hot cocoa may also fare well. Align your food choices with the market the home resides in.

Music and Ambiance

There is nothing more awkward than walking through a dead silent home. Put on some music to set the mood for your open house event. If you like, you can match the musical choices to whatever theme you settle on. For the holiday season, consider playing holiday music as many will be in a festive mood. Otherwise, low-volume instrumental music is always a great idea. Keep the music levels low so as not to impede on any conversations you have with your guests. Once music has been decided, put some thought into the kind of lighting you think would bring the entire theme together.

Research Your Market + Engage

An important aspect to research is the local market where your open house is located. What is the median age of homebuyers in this location? What is the local culture like? Consider other things such as climate, number of homebuyers likely to have children, musical taste, popular local design styles, and anything that may be helpful in designing your open house event.
Once everything is ready to go, remember to engage with your guests! Don’t get caught up in the details so much that you forget to speak with those attending the event. Make eye contact, smile, make friendly inquiries, and the open house is sure to be a success.

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