Earthquake Insurance – Why You Need It


Living in California, you’re likely all-too-aware of the nature of earthquakes. These natural disasters are hard to predict, and they can strike at any time. Residents of California are close to the San Andreas fault, which marks this state as an area more prone to earthquakes than the rest of the country.

At the Peak Corporate Network, we want to emphasize the importance of earthquake insurance for your home. To better protect your property and valuable items, we recommend investing in earthquake insurance today. For more information on personal real estate insurance, reach out to Grand Mutual Insurance today.

What is Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance can be purchased as additional coverage that will protect your home and your valuables in the event of an earthquake. Purchasing earthquake insurance is highly recommended, as typical homeowner’s policy does not include such coverage.

This type of policy is much more effective than relying on government aid. Emergency programs, such as FEMA, are only useful when it comes to tending to your immediate needs; FEMA can provide medical assistance and shelter, but they cannot offer the money or materials needed to recover and rebuild your home. Only earthquake insurance can protect you when immediate disaster strikes.

Who are the Best Candidates for Earthquake Insurance?

Every homeowner in the United States should purchase an earthquake insurance policy, but ultimately, the decision on its importance is up to you. If you live in a particularly earthquake-prone area, such as California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah, you are likely to get more use out of your earthquake insurance.

Keep in mind that the New Madrid fault also runs through the United States, putting areas such as Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Kentucky at risk.

If you are concerned about the costs of a new earthquake policy plan, just remember that it is far more expensive to pay for lost property out of pocket.

What Type of Insurance Should You Get?

The amount of coverage you choose to receive depends on your personal preference, as well as the number of items you need covered. The best way to determine how much earthquake insurance you need is to take thorough inventory of your valuables and keep track of the dollar amount of each item.

You should also estimate how much it would cost to rebuild your home in the event it is destroyed in an earthquake. These dollar values should add up to the amount you would want covered by an extensive earthquake insurance policy.

Real Estate Insurance

Do you live in an earthquake-prone area? Have you determined the cost of repairs that your home would require if an earthquake hits? In any situation, it’s always better to have proper coverage so that you aren’t forced to pay out of pocket. If you want to look into personal real estate insurance today, our team at Grand Mutual Insurance Services is here to help. For more information, you can contact us online. For immediate assistance, please give us a call at (818) 591-3300 for a personal consultation. We look forward to helping you stay protected!

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