Entertaining at Your New Home

Entertaining at Your New Home


Purchasing a new home is an exciting endeavor! Once you are finally moved in, owning a home brings you and your family a world of new possibilities. When you are all settled into your new abode, it’s time to get excited about entertaining! Of course, it might seem stressful when figuring out how to manage everything, but with a few simple tips, enjoying events and holidays in your new place can be stress free and fun. To learn more about the Los Angeles real estate services available to you, visit Century 21 Peak today.

Prepare Ahead of Time

While it may be tempting to wait until the last minute, preparing ahead of time for events will lower anxiety when your event finally arrives. It also allows you to take your time with each aspect of any holiday events you might be hosting. Decide when your party will be, who’s invited, and what’s on the menu at least a few weeks beforehand. Ideally, try to purchase decorations and supplies in small sections to make it easier on your budget. Leading up to the event, take time out to clean and prepare dishes a day or two in advance to lighten your workload. It is also helpful to keep a task list, so you don’t forget anything that needs to be done.

Phone a Friend

If the idea of planning a party alone intimidates you, then don’t do it! Enlist the aid of your spouse, children, and friends to pitch in on the party planning. Entrust each person with some aspect of the party for which they are responsible and bring it all together at the end. One person can handle decorating while another handles the menu and so on. If you want to keep things super easy, you can also ask guests to bring their favorite food dish and drink. A potluck style event is much easier than doing it all on your own and your wallet will certainly thank you.

Keep it Simple

It can be tempting to be overly extravagant for your first party, but keeping things simple is just as impressive and enjoyable without the added stress. Trying to bake an elaborate dish or dessert from a magazine, planning a 5-course meal, or spending tons of money on elaborate centerpieces may seem like a clever idea, but often it is not worth the hassle.

If you must, pick one aspect of the party to go all out on and keep the rest minimal. A single grand centerpiece, one elaborate dessert, or extravagant dish is impressive without adding too much prep time to your party. Otherwise, simple decor such as string lights or a festive tablecloth are easy ways to bring cheer to a room with little effort.

Focus on Making Memories

When it comes to hosting parties, it’s enticing to want to work ourselves to the bone trying to impress our friends and family, but you should always remind yourself about what’s really important. Memories will last long after everyone has gone home, and the party has ended. Focus on conversation starters and fun games your guests can enjoy. Board games, question or trivia games and good music are all great ways to bring people together.

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