Fun Spring Family Activities at Your New Home

Dog as cute gardener wearing hat and apron with colorful watering can

You’ve just moved into your new home; the boxes are finally unpacked, and the furniture is where you want it. While you are all excited to be in your new space, it doesn’t quite feel like home just yet. What’s missing? It’s time to create some memories in your new space and spring is just the time to do it. Read on for some fun and inexpensive family-friendly activities you can do in your new home to create lasting memories.

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Exploring Your New Space

Now that the temperature is warming up, here are a few activities you can enjoy in your new yard and you might even invite some of your new neighbors to join you:

  • Blow bubbles: You can get them in great quantities at your local dollar store.
  • Fly a kite: This helps if you have a large yard or area around your house where you have enough space to let the kids run and get that kite up in the air.
  • Play hide-and-seek: This is a wonderful way to explore your new house or yard with your children.
  • Make a bird house: You can make one yourself or buy one at your local craft or hardware store and paint it.
  • Roast some marshmallows: This is a fantastic way to usher in the warmer temperatures and create memories your kids will never forget.
  • Draw chalk pictures on the driveway: Play hopscotch (this can provide hours of fun for all ages) or let the kids draw their favorite pictures.
  • Plant a garden: Get the kids involved in planting a garden in your new yard. This gets the landscaping where you want and gets the family involved in creating a beautiful new garden in your home.
  • Walk the dog: This is a terrific way to explore your new neighborhood and maybe meet some of your neighbors.
  • Build a fort: If the spring weather hasn’t quite arrived yet, build a fort in your new living room and make some hot chocolate.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt: Another way to get your family involved in exploring the house and neighborhood.

Each of these activities is inexpensive and can also help you meet some of your new neighbors, which could lead to play dates and other activities throughout the summer.

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