Signs of a Family Friendly Neighborhood

finding a family friendly neighborhood

Are you looking to find the right starter home for your family? Or maybe you need more space to accommodate a growing family? Whether your needs involve more bedrooms or more yard space, there are a variety of things to consider when looking for a family friendly neighborhood to call home.

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Safety is a Priority

Knowing the crime rates of an area you are considering moving into is extremely important. A great resource to reference is, it allows users to look at crime rates by zip code. It’s important to have an idea of what your potential new neighborhood is like before putting an offer in on a home. Is there a history of robberies, drugs or gang activity nearby? If you are a parent, you never want to put your children in harm’s way. And as they get older, you want to feel safe as they explore the neighborhood.

There are other potential safety hazards to look at as well. Is the home located near a busy street or intersection? Do commuters use the neighborhood as a shortcut? Are there sidewalks? Are you going to be able to take a walk through the neighborhood safely or take the dog for a walk? What are the businesses around the area like? Are there a lot of bars or industrial areas nearby? These are all things you should consider when researching an area or neighborhood that you are interested in.

School District Information

After safety, school district information is probably the next highest priority for parents, as the impact is far reaching. Does the area have safe and high-functioning schools from preschool to high school? Talk to the administrators at the schools or contact the school district to find out more about their programs and what they offer. One very important point to consider is if the schools have room to accept new students. offers information on schools throughout U.S. so you can get an idea of what’s available in the areas you want to live in.

Family Amenities

Take a drive through the neighborhood, especially after school and on the weekends, and look for parks or other open play areas.

Are there retail and grocery shops nearby? Make sure to check out the local restaurants, movie theater and any other amenities you may be interested in before you make any long-term housing decision. Don’t hesitate to check out the local park and chat with some of your potential new neighbors. Ask them what they like about the neighborhood, and maybe even what they don’t like so much. These conversations could end up giving you the most valuable information.

Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

Finding the right space for your family to thrive and a competent real estate agent in Los Angeles is a big responsibility.

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