How to Stay Busy in a Down Market

agent staying busy in a down real estate market

For a real estate agent, the one thing worse than putting in 80-hour weeks to arrange for showings, open houses, and contract negotiations is having nothing to do all day but watch reruns on the HGTV network.

Don’t let binge watching Netflix become the new normal. Instead, use that down time wisely to stay ahead of the game.

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Nourish Your Network

When the real estate market is hot, agents barely have time to stay connected with friends and family members, let alone their professional network. A slowdown is the perfect time to reach out to old clients. It doesn’t have to be an email designed specifically to check in. You can respond to a post they make on social media or send them an article you think they will like.

It’s also a great time to build relationships with people in the community who might pass along a referral, like local business owners.

Cultivate Your Online Presence

Have you been meaning to revise your LinkedIn profile ever since the seller’s market began? Now is the time to put effort into your profiles, website, and social media accounts. If you’re better at making conversation than expressing yourself in writing, hire a wordsmith to perfect your branded image.

And speaking of branded images — isn’t it time to get a new head shot?

Explore the Latest Technology Trends

If you’re running from appointment to appointment each week, you don’t really have the time to check out the latest technological devices that can make you competitive.

A slowdown is the perfect time to research innovative programs and download new apps to figure out which ones can really assist your business and your clients.

Read Up on the State of the Market

While it’s always best to stay current on market performance and predictions, reading industry publications may be the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day. The slower winter months are a great time to catch up on the latest real estate news, so you can launch a plan of action when the market heats up in the spring.

School Yourself

In a busy seller’s market, you gain valuable experience by doing.

Meanwhile, the market is constantly changing, and smart real estate agents use down time to perform training programs that allow them to expand their skill set and become better at marketing their services to clients.

Want to Stay Ahead of the Curve?

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